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Overactive Ink is an interactive media company creating captivating and immersing experiences through apps, games, and educational tools for the iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. Our creative artists, uber-geek developers, and business suits love what we do and it shows in every product we create.

Our approach to art and technology allows for a unique blend of old meets new. Combining traditional hand drawn illustrations and animation with advanced technology, our artists and engineers share their passion for art by bringing ancient stories, folklore, and fairytales to life.

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Overactive Ink, Inc.
6170 W Lake Mead Blvd # 461-1790
Las Vegas, NV 89108
Tel: +1 702 430 6055

Be a part of a fast growing gaming and interactive media company where you will be part of a team of fun, talented, and professional software engineers and artists are developing full motion animation storybooks and games with all original artwork, animations, and music. Add that to the side for description

iOS Developer New!

Overactive Ink is looking for experienced iOS developers who love mobile apps, games and creating software. We are looking for smart, energetic people that want to genuinely contribute and learn…


  • You will be creating applications and games for iPad and iPhone, based on our large collection of artwork, music and stories.
  • You will work independently on mini-games and smaller applications and in teams for larger iOS projects.
  • Work together with our graphic artists and musicians to take ideas from concept to a finished product released in the App store.
  • Use your own creativity and ideas to come up with fun applications and games we can create.


  • Bachelor's/College Degree in Computer Science/IT/Computer Engineering
  • 1yr+ experience with iOS application or game development
  • Strong interest in mobile application and game development
  • Proficiency in Obj-C, Xcode, Photoshop.
  • Experience using 3rd party frameworks, game engines and APIs
  • Some experience with cross-platform SDKs and Android is a plus
  • Some experience using iPhone or iPad
  • Knowledge of XML and OpenGL
  • Good communication skills, proficiency in English
  • Ability to work both independently and in teams
  • Good problem solving skills and a fast learner
  • Talented candidates with strong programming skills but without work experience may also apply for our iOS Developer Internship.
  • Full-Time position(s) available.


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Contact Us

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Overactive Ink, Inc.
6170 W Lake Mead Blvd # 461-1790
Las Vegas, NV 89108
Tel: +1 702 430 6055